Goodbye, Farewell and Amen


Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing we have to do!

On the 23rd April 2015 Major Maxine, Captain Ralph, Nathanael and Ethan will be saying their final goodbyes.

A massive chapter in their lives and in the Harpenden Salvation Army’s life comes to an end.

In July 2006 Maxine and Ralph along with 3 year old Nathanael and 4 month old Ethan set foot on the soil of Harpenden not know what to expect and what lay ahead of them. But with the amazing and wonderful power of God’s guidance they spent 9 of the most amazing, wonderful and blessed years at the church.

With a rock solid leadership team (consisting of Nigel, Roland, Pauline, Alison, Gry and Norman) with them, Harpenden has become a beacon of light in Harpenden especially amongst the Young Peoples work within the schools and in its reaching out to the local community.

Maxine and Ralph are VERY proud to have served at Harpenden and to have been its longest serving officers in its 130 year history. And they will miss everybody dearly.

Their farewell Service is on the 19th April at 10:15 am and everybody is welcome.

God bless you all.