Youth Fellowship

At Harpenden Salvation Army we place a very high value on our young people and we know that they are very busy people, so every month we have a special treat for them in the form of Youth Fellowship. Sometimes we go out maybe ice skating, bowling, cinema, swimming or sometimes we just chill and eat food round somebodies house.

Youth Fellowship is for all young people aged 13+ and each evening ha a different price (see below for details)

Youth Fellowship is run by Joel Watson with the help from Katie Hills and Sophie Hills.

If you would like to go to Youth Fellowship please let Joel (07730 691761) or Katie (07955 483196) know.

Youth Fellowship picture


17th Jan: Youth Fellowship at the CO’s house.

28th Feb: High Ropes at the XC centre in Hemel.

14th Mar:  Youth Fellowship at Lynettes House.

25th April: Quasar in Hemel.

16th May: Youth Fellowship at Major Diane House.

13th June: Raft building at Stanbourough Lakes.