Who We Are

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity, working in 126 countries, demonstrating Christian principles through practical support; offering unconditional friendship, and very practical help to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Founded in East London by William Booth in 1865, The Salvation Army is one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services in the UK after the Government. A visionary social reformer ahead of his time, William Booth believed that charity demeaned the individual and people should be offered a “hand up” and not “hand outs” to get them back on their feet.

Today, The Salvation Army extends a helping hand to those who are homeless, friendless and in need. We passionately believe that no one is beyond hope, however great their problems. That disadvantaged people are given respect and access to the practical, social and spiritual support they need to realise their God-given potential and recover their personal dignity.

In the UK and Ireland, The Salvation Army has approximately:

  • 50,000 members
  • 4,000 employees
  • 1,500 Salvation Army officers (full-time ministers)

At Harpenden Salvation Army Church we offer a range of services and community activities for the people of Harpenden and surrounding Villages which include a counselling and drop in centre, the distribution of food parcels, a drop in group for Adults with children who have special needs and we work closely with nearly all the Primary schools in Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Redbourn and St Albans through school assemblies.

Please visit our Church programme to see exactly what we do. We have on average just over 1000 people pass through our doors each week, so it is a busy place. You too could be a part of a friendly, helpful and Christian based Church – Our door is always open.

Salvation Army Terminology

There are a number of phrase or words that you may hear while in a Salvation Army church. Here is a helping hand as to what they all mean.

Corps = Church

Songsters = Adult Choir

Singing Company = Children’s Choir

YP = Young People

CO = Corps Officer or Commanding Officers (Minister)

YPSM = Young Persons Sergeant Major (The person responsible for young people in the church)

Mercy Seat (Penitent form) = Our Altar, a special place to spend time in prayer with God

DC = Divisional Commander = Bishop responsible for a group of Salvation Army Churches known as a division