Our Pastors (Officers)

In the Salvation Army our Pastors are called Officers. At Harpenden our Officers are Captain Annette Guest and Captain Kenneth Guest and were appointed to Harpenden in July 2015.

Captain Annette comes from Bristol, and was commissioned and ordained as an Officer in 2005 following her training at William Booth College in London,  Annette was appointed to Launceston in Cornwall. Three years later Annette was appointed to Twickenham, and then two years later in 2010 was appointed with Kenneth to Reading West Corps.

In 2005 after Annette’s appointment to Launceston she married Kenneth, and whilst in Cornwall Kenneth became an Envoy at Liskeard for two years before also completing training at William Booth College. Kenneth was commissioned as an officer in 2010.

Annette has a son, called Daniel and we have two black and white cats called Poppy and Maisie. Annette is a qualified nursery nurse and also holds a degree in pastoral care and psychology.

Captain Kenneth comes from Holywell in North Wales and has had a very varied work history before becoming an officer, having worked, in shops, offices, factories and on public transport mainly in London.