The Salvation Army is very well known for its brass playing and at Harpenden we are blessed with an amazing Brass Band. Led by Mr Nigel Hills who is also a cornet player in the Salvation Army’s International Staff Band (One of the best Army bands ever) and made up of some seriously superb players, our Band enhances the worship of the church and are always there to support when needed.

There are a number of times when you will see them around town especially at Christmas time.

There are also a number of them who teach and support our younger players as they learn the skill of playing an instrument


This is a recent image of Harpenden Band playing in Denmark

Here are some links to You Tube for Harpenden Salvation Army Band performed in Denmark

The first video is called – The Mission featuring soloist Mr Keith Loxley - The Mission

The second video is called – Wonders Begin featuring the Trombone Section – Wonders Begin

The third video is called – ARC