Morning Services

Our morning Service always starts at 10.15am and lasts approx. 1 hour.

Our very well-known Senior Brass Band are always on duty both accompanying our worship and playing their own piece.

Joining them is our Senior Choir (Songsters) enhancing your worship by singing an amazing and powerful song, our Junior Choir (Singing Company) these are our children aged between 5 and 15. These children sing their hearts out so much that you cannot just sit there without being moved to compassion.

We also have a 4th section which is our Young People Band (YP Band). The YP Band is the latest in our sections and have only be going for about a year. They are also on duty and play at the beginning of each service.

Our services are 100% scripture based (usually using the NIV Bible) and take different formats each and every Sunday. No Sunday is ever the same.

We average around 60 to 70 per week, (depending on the time of the year, during school holidays this number is a lot lower.)